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Cutting-Edge Ankle Injury Treatment at Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness

Whether you're an athlete or not, ankle injuries can happen to anyone at any time. Ankle injuries can be debilitating, preventing you from participating in the activities you love or even getting around on a daily basis.

At Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness, our Medical Director, Dr. Victor Prisk, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with subspecialty fellowship training and over 10 years of experience in treating complex conditions of the foot and ankle, both surgically and non-surgically. He will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, offering cutting-edge procedures and therapies to get you back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible.

If you're suffering from an ankle injury, don't wait any longer to seek treatment. Contact Dr. Prisk at (412) 525-7692 or submit an online appointment request form. He'll help you get on the road to recovery so you can get back to living your life to the fullest.

Learn more about our foot and ankle injury treatments.

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Specialized Surgical & Non-Surgical Ankle Treatment

Dr. Prisk provides a wide range of services to treat a variety of conditions, including:

Ankle Ligament Reconstruction for Ankle Instability: When the ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint are damaged or overstretched, the joint can feel unstable and give out on uneven ground.  When therapy and bracing have failed, a surgical procedure is performed to repair damage to the ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint.

Ankle Scopes (Arthroscopy): This minimally-invasive procedure is used to diagnose and treat problems within the ankle joint using a small camera and instruments inserted through tiny incisions. Cartilage can be repaired, loose bodies can be removed, and spurs can be trimmed down. 

Ankle Tendon Tears: This condition occurs when the tendons that connect the muscles to the bone are torn. The Achilles tendon, peroneal tendons, and posterior tibial tendon control the ankle and subtalar joint below.  The flexor hallucis longus flexes the big toe often injured in dancers.  The tibialis anterior tendon can tear causing a foot drop.

If you're ready to get back on your feet, back in the game, and back to the life you love, don't wait. Contact Dr. Victor Prisk at (412) 525-7692 or submit an online appointment request form to schedule a consultation.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

How do I know if I have an ankle injury?

The most common symptom of an ankle injury is pain, which can range from mild to severe. Other symptoms may include swelling, bruising, instability, and difficulty bearing weight on the affected ankle.

Are ankle injuries preventable?

There are several things you can do to help prevent ankle injuries, including:

  • Wearing supportive shoes that fit well
  • Stretching and warming up before physical activity
  • Exercising regularly to strengthen the muscles and joints
  • Avoiding high-impact activities if you are at risk for injury

How can I get started with the best ankle surgeon near me?

To receive your evaluation and begin discussing your care needs, please contact our Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr. Prisk at  (412) 525-7692 or submit an online appointment request form.

Since surgical care is unique in every individual, it's impossible for us to answer every question about your care needs here. We want to help you properly, via a collaborative care process that puts you and your health needs in full focus. And it all begins with a conversation about your health, needs, and goals. To review your care options in-depth, and to prepare for your visits and/or foot and ankle surgery,  please contact us at (412) 525-7692 or submit an online appointment request form.