Sports and Dance Medicine

Pre-participation Physicals

Walk-in and Same Day Appointments available for pre-participation physicals for schools and sports organizations. It is important for all athletes of all ages to be evaluated for potential risks to injury prior to engaging in rigorous exercise programs. Functional movement assessment and anatomical alignment evaluations are essential to longevity in sport.

Non-Operative Injury Management

Dr. Prisk is a conservative surgeon who will explore with you the non-operative management of your condition, when possible, and help you to work around injuries to stay active in your art or your sport. Options like Bracing, Physical Therapy, E-Stim, Nutritional interventions, and PRP can be explored.

Arthroscopy and Biological Treatments

Arthroscopy involves the use of small incisions and a special camera that allow for the treatment of joint conditions and some soft-tissue conditions with potentially quicker recovery. In combination with treatments like PRP and autologous stem cell harvest some patients have quicker recovery from their condition. Dr. Prisk is a specialist in arthroscopy around the ankle including hindfoot endoscopy for conditions like Os Trigonum Syndrome/Posterior Ankle Impingement and Haglund�s Deformity at the Achilles Tendon.


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