Anti -Aging Medicine/HRT

Dr. Prisk is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and considers aging to be a process that can be slowed and in some cases reversed. Many patients have become complacent with the healthcare system providing treatment over prevention. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH. DON'T LET YOUR INSURANCE AND HOSPITAL SYSTEM CONTROL YOU! Be ProActive! ACTIVE is the Key.

Costs for Concierge Wellness Care:

$395 for the initial 60-minute evaluation:

Evaluations for weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding, and anti-aging metabolic management include:

  • Detailed history and physical examination
  • Body habitus review and body fat assessment
  • Review of Diet and Supplements
  • Hormonal deficiencies screening
  • Initial treatment advice (Diet, Nutrition, and exercise recommendations)

$195 for up to 30-minute initial 2 week follow-up after labs:

  • Review of labs or advanced studies
  • Diet plan review and updates
  • Hormone/supplement Rx.

Sign up for 3 months of follow-up care with one 30 min visit per month for $495.

Includes one 30-minute training session with Dr. Prisk at the POW Gym.